“SAVIOURS” is a series based off of my deeply personal experiences with my beloved pets. My cats have been my protectors during a lifetime of debilitating illness that has led to frequent surgeries. With this series, I wanted to embrace the idea that we all have saviours, and they present themselves as furry little creatures that love us immeasurably. Suffering is unavoidable, we will all face physical and emotional pain. Pets are our saviours from this suffering, our advocates, our champions, and our guardian angels.

Each pet portrait is based on Pre-Raphaelite Victorian paintings of women, when portraiture was more realistic, poetic and sensual, and less formal and stoic. I wanted to manifest the infallible love we have for our pets, the ones constantly keeping us from the edge of darkness. The serene feelings emoted in each portrait is complimented by the subject’s cherished animal.

SAVIOURS can be seen at Hive Gallery in Los Angeles until March 31st, 2019.

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