A Little Health Goth with Sasha

Last weekend I went over to Sasha’s to shoot her for a personal series I’m working on. Since we finished early, Sasha and I decided to add a little extra shoot in and created a mini-lookbook because I’m obsessed with her Health Goth style. Don’t know what Health Goth is? According to AM Discs definition, “Health Goth relies on an anti-nostalgic dystopian present, refracting the Other by means of an exaggerated profile and tribal-aesthetics … Health Goth creates a proto-narrative of returning to paradise lost by embracing mortality as a One-World consciousness and devotion as means to deliver us from late Capitalism … Health Goth speaks to an intrinsic psychic connection with the elements, be they fire, water or fauna and the ability to incorporate ambient nature into the corporeal realm.”

So you know, work out until aesthetics are meaningless just like life.

Written by Danielle Spires

Habitually Vague. Pet Portrait Photographer. Los Angeles Based. Unapologetically feminist.

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