My Heart Belongs to Idyllwild

I covet my time in Idyllwild. Whenever my partner and I visit, the small town shops and crisp air brings me back to my Midwestern upbringing. I’m reminded of the corner diner and arcade I worked at as a teenager, the dense fog that would roll in when I was driving home in my ’76 Cutlass, the cicadas that buzzed as I sat on the porch and ate grape Popsicles, and the warm summer thunderstorms that would keep me up late into the night.

Idyllwild is like the hippie version of where I grew up; organic food, fair trade coffee and local shops, plus a dog is the Mayor. We stayed in a Dolly Parton themed cabin during a particularly foggy and rainy weekend, kicked around town a bit and went on a long hike. I brought my camera to reshoot the classic Madonna Inn photo I shoot at every place we stay (I loom over my partner while he’s sleeping on the bed), but couldn’t resist a few extra photos with the cinematic cabin lighting.



A small gallery of the cabins in the freezing mist.


During a long rainy hike in the San Jacinto mountains, we created a little iphone series called ‘Standing on Things in a Poncho’.


I love you Idyllwild, until next time.

Written by Danielle Spires

Habitually Vague. Pet Portrait Photographer. Los Angeles Based. Unapologetically feminist.

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