The Big Easy

Last weekend my partner and I met his parents in New Orleans for a quick trip. I had two things on my mind: to see an alligator and to eat some beignets. What happened instead: I ate beignets AND alligator, went to a graveyard from the 1700s, and stayed in the most garish and amazing hotel ever. This hotel serves the guests PB&Js and hot chocolate every night at 10pm, while they lounge on velvet chaises underneath chandeliers that are bigger than my apartment.

The two above ground graveyards we visited were called Saint Louis No. 1 and No. 2. I took photos of Saint Louis No. 2, which felt completely abandoned and less visited of the two graveyards. During this trip, I rarely shot portraits, instead focusing on shapes, designs and colors, a cue I took from Larry Fink’s recent book on Composition.



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