During a visit to my friend’s warehouse in Boyle Heights, we took a walk around the corner to visit the home of the East LA Cat Gang. I then met Mike, a man that lives inside a 6th St. bridge column, who feeds the cats everyday at 5pm. He let me hang out in his “yard” and take photos of the cats while they ate dinner. Strewn amongst the tallboys and bike tires were plates of Meow Mix, and Mike  mumbled to my friend about random shit while I stood motionlessly trying not to startle the cats while I photographed them.

Later that night, he came by the warehouse with the leader of the cat gang, a female calico. The second I walked outside, she jumped from Mike’s arms but I was able to catch one shot of them together. Then he gave me an acrylic cat nightlight, which is great, because I’m afraid of the dark.

Sad Mike Fact: He’s put down cats that were severely injured. I didn’t want to ask him what his method was…

Fun Science Fact: Feral cat gangs display a complex matriarchal hierarchy.

Written by Danielle Spires

Habitually Vague. Pet Portrait Photographer. Los Angeles Based. Unapologetically feminist.

One comment

  1. Hi sweetie—I love reading this cat series & the photos are so clear and soulful. More please. You are amazing my dear. xxx

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